Warm yuletide wishes

P1230881.JPGLast year, we had a white Christmas on Center Island. This year, we have nasturtiums still blooming in the pot on our deck at The Nuthatch. They’re lovely. But here’s wishing for a new year in which those with power to effect change start taking global-warming seriously and saving the planet for our grandchildren.

2 thoughts on “Warm yuletide wishes

  1. Merry Christmas to all of you at the Nuthatch. Last year we worked up an appetite between dinner and desert with a massive snow ball fight. This year it was a walk around the block. I also wish for a New Year where everyone wakes up about climate change!


  2. Agreed! On both points: warm holiday wishes to you and Barbara- and too-warm, so here’s to new leadership, sooner rather than later.

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