Center Island in bloom

P1250001Our first wildflower of the season: A calypso orchid — also known as a fairy slipper — bloomed a few steps from the Nuthatch cabin’s back door yesterday. The fir cone at its base gives you an idea of the flower’s diminutive size.

P1240983.JPGWe’re also enjoying a bumper crop of daffodils this spring. They are a popular garden flower in the San Juans because deer won’t eat them.

P1240981.JPGAnd the wild currant that sprouts straight out of the rocky cliff in front of our deck continues to put on a show. Here’s hoping your April is as colorful. 1-anchor

4 thoughts on “Center Island in bloom

  1. You have the eagles eye 👁 my friend ! Thank you 🙏 for the lovely colors in a world that can sometimes be bleak .


  2. Your blog brings the same delight as the flowers themselves. Fairy slippers indeed!

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