Discover our ‘Corpse’ in paperback

P1250033.JPGHere’s the new paperback version of  “Corpse of Discovery,” a murder mystery that weaves tales of the Portland bookmobile with stories of has-been Rajneeshees, librarian love, and a death-defying paddle down the Columbia River in the path of Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery. Our friend Stevie Lennartson created the cover art.

IMG_7955ONE OF MY GOALS over the winter was to get a start writing the third mystery in the Portland Bookmobile Mysteries series that Barbara and I have co-authored and published through Amazon under the pen name “B.B. Cantwell.” And I’ve done so. Barbara and I have enjoyed collaborating again.

Along the way, I decided it was time that our second book in the series should be available in paperback, not just as an ebook (which it has been since we published it in 2014).

So I took the time to format the text for print and finally got “Corpse of Discovery” out in paperback ($9.99 from Amazon). We got our first copies in the mail this week. And it looks pretty good.

A book shop on Lopez Island is interested in featuring our books on their “local author” shelf, so we’ll deliver some to them soon. I think both “Murdermobile” (the first in the series, originally published in paperback) and “Corpse” make fun, light reading for anybody on vacation to the islands or elsewhere. 1-anchor

20190401_010540-2Our mysteries travel well, apparently. Here’s a photo sent by our friend Jackie Smith, showing “Murdermobile” as it arrived in the post to her house on a hill in the Kalamata region of Greece. Read Jackie’s blog about her retirement and travel adventures at


3 thoughts on “Discover our ‘Corpse’ in paperback

  1. Congratulations,I can’t wait for the postman😉Have you seen midsummer murders?
    19 seasons and British wit ! Will give you a unbiased critique soon Cheers mate and ken


  2. It was a most fun read and I’ve already got it circulating among ex pat friends here! It would have been fun to have a signed copy but that will have to wait until our paths cross again. . .congrats on book 3!!


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