Connecting in rewarding ways on Father’s Day

Cantwell Father's Day photo 2My dad, Joe Cantwell, was among the legions of young, GI Bill-educated engineers who flocked to Seattle after World War II to work for Boeing. He imparted a love of the outdoors and the Cascade Mountains in his children (from left), Tom, Marcia, Brian and Doug.

IMG_7955TO ALL THE DADS out there, happy Father’s Day.

Barbara and I enjoyed a Skype breakfast with daughter Lillian. We all had waffles. I got a big, sweet dose of love from my wife and daughter, and some sweet gifts as well.

Thinking of my dad recently, I wrote an essay that my alma mater, The Seattle Times, published today (along with photos, including the one above). I’m getting nice comments and emails from old friends as well as people I’ve never met, which is another delightful gift. Here’s a link to the Times piece. 1-anchor

4 thoughts on “Connecting in rewarding ways on Father’s Day

  1. You’ve gone a long way from the “Totem Talk”. Excellent Father’s Day essay. Congrats on your retirement. I am jealous! Janet Gray


    1. Ah, a blast from the past. (A good blast.) Nice to hear from you, Janet. Yes, I highly recommend retirement. No matter what you’re doing, by our age you’ve usually been doing it long enough. Cheers, Brian


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