Our deck garden overfloweth

IMG_3070The nasturtiums have gone wild, tumbling down the ledge in front of the Nuthatch cabin this summer.

IMG_7955ON MY OWN at the cabin while Barbara’s gone for a few days, I step outside of a morning with my first toast and coffee to lounge, bathrobe-clad, in the old wooden Adirondack chair and listen to the birds. A wafting coolness hints of too-early autumn as cotton-puff clouds float aimlessly in the blue sky. I notice a hummingbird working the nasturtiums. I went overboard with them this year and they are cascading through the deck rail and down the cliff with trumpets of mandarin orange and sunflower yellow. I’m pleased with the effect. From the tall firs all around me, nuthatches serenade me with their own trumpets, though much more adenoidal.

Take a moment one of these mornings and enjoy your August. 1-anchor

One thought on “Our deck garden overfloweth

  1. Here in Montana, camping away from people, where it’s high 30s at night and mid-to high 90s during the day, that “waft” of autumn promise sounds lovely. So glad to hear your new world on Center Island has and is working out so well. Keep these great blogs coming. I love the view through your eyes. Warm regards, Hilary

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