Cleansing wonders on a morning ride

Few sights hold more delight on my November morning bike ride than sunlight piercing dark firs to spotlight a yellow maple’s autumn-limped leaves. Bright as flame leaping among the evergreens, but for once a pleasing conflagration.

Our grassy airfield glitters under a tarmac of yet unfrozen dew. Where another solar spotlight weaves through treetops, steam billows as if from a Yellowstone hot pool, minus only the azure highlights.

On this eve of a perilous election, an island neighbor walking tail-wagging dogs warms me with a smile as my tires crunch the gravel and I plunge pedals homeward.

Come what may tomorrow, this morning few sights hold more delight.


3 thoughts on “Cleansing wonders on a morning ride

  1. you make the poets of yore blush with your eloquence.Lets hope tomorrow begins a new day for our country and the world . cheers mate


  2. Such a great posting! (As always…)

    The leaves and low-angle light and all the rest of nature’s wonders buoy the spirit and encourage hope.


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