‘In wildness is the preservation of the world’

Mount Baker, framed by misty Cascade foothills, wears a fresh mantle of snow as seen from Lopez Sound on January 9. Views like this are balm to the soul when it comes time to turn off the Tweets.

I GREW UP WITH THAT THOREAU QUOTE on a poster on my bedroom wall, with a lovely photo from Eliot Porter’s Sierra Club book bearing that title.

For me, the sentiment comes to mind after a week of political drama and hooliganism in the other Washington. Barbara and I are thankful for the nurturing beauty of the nature around us while our smart phones bring us constant updates on whether our nation’s democracy will survive the month.

On Saturday we had a break from wicked winter winds in the San Juans, so I fired up the old boat and buzzed across Lopez Sound on a dump run. (In true tree-hugger fashion, I had one 18-gallon container of trash and about half a pickup full of recycling.)

Along the way, I photographed these images of Mount Baker, as seen from the water, and of a pair of Trumpeter Swans, among a dozen or so swimming on a cattail marsh off of Lopez Island’s Fisherman Bay Road.

These are the kind of comforts I gather when the rest of the world is so troubled. Thought I’d share them.

Trumpeter Swans, North America’s largest waterfowl, are frequent winter visitors to this marsh on Lopez Island.


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